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Ilumitec International is a 35 years old Company with offices and warehouses in the Colon Free zone in Panamá, Central America as well as warehouses in China with offices in the Hong Kong area. Our company is an international group, shareholders of some major factories in China, dedicated to the Lighting and Solar DIY Market.

Committed in providing our customers with the quality, support, reliability and guarantee they seek through innovative products and latest design trends; you can go thru over five thousand SKUs, appart of a designers department able to manufacture and design any desired product, customized to our client´s needs.


To be able to Distribute and offer items related to the lighting market, maintaining and guarantying a motivated workforce, trained, and committed to the excellence, efficiency and reliability of the service we offer and market.


To be a model company, socially responsible, committed to the well-being of its clients and the environment, supportive of a Green planet iniciative, the quality and reliability of the distribution and marketing.

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